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the ranking

i guess i turns out there is one - what a surprise!
so, where to begin with...

lera: i just like her simple way of communication. she talks if she likes to and keeps it mostly on small-talk level. its okay, caus e she is very friendly and i cant sense anything bad about her.

irine: its like a look in the mirror in some way. sometimes very soothing, sometimes scary and good for one or two shivers. i like her all the way through, though...

julia: the princess. i´m not nuts when i feel her boredom and dismotivation concerning me through the things she writes or better through everything she doesnt write. she does not like being kept waiting but she lets you down in the middle of a conversation. being honest isnt her strength and she is very egocentric in some wicked way i can hardly explain. she´s carrying some traits i hated my last girl for, so i guess its time to cut that damn thing off. dont want to feel this bullshit again...

i´ll do my best to keep the other two girls with me but i´ll leave the relation to julia behind.
not dead yet
but soon to be

29.8.12 23:57


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