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its theses girls that make me write again...

damn, i dont even know where they came from when they blasted me right out of my shoes. i still dont really know what to think or feel about them so i decided to revive these old piece of shit here.

lera... i still know very few about her. she´s pretty just like the others but also has some little roughness about her. got the feeling that she´ll do what she wants to, no matter what you say. if you´re not with her she´s a hell of a pretty "fuck you".


julia... well, she´s very interesting. i know more about her than about lera but it still isn´t much. i know that she´s an owl (the prettiest i´ve ever seen) and therefore likes to stay up late. i wasn´t surprised about her model-career, although you cant really call it that way. it´s impressive, that someone that talented (and of course blessed in some way) chooses a different and more complicated way in life. i like talking to her more and more and she teaches me in the russian language again. i´m not really sure if i can cope with that, but, hell, i´ll try!


and irine... i just dont know what to say.

what - a - girl!

at first i just thought, that i might know her way of expression.

then i realized, that she is far more than just an awefully gorgeous shell.damn, this girl goes deeper than i thought she could ever be.

and now she is everything i always wanted to do and be. and, fuck, she´s just like me! seems to be the answer to so many questions that troubled me for so bloody long...

her smile kills me.

it´s absolutely insane that one single smile of her is capable of washing away just evereything. like it would be the only thing left in a whole world...

once in a lifetime - this is what she is

and so goddamn fuck it - belarus; what a distance! how should something like this ever work? when will i see her the first time?

i promised her to take her to a korn-concert and place her on top of the crowd. for my own bloody sake, i will make this happen! i guess we´re some kind of soulmates and even if i can´t keep her with me i will soak the moment in as deep as i can when she finally smiles at me. just once in a lifetime...

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